About us

Ann Reeves & Francesca manufactures women’s clothing items, medical disposable face masks, and protective medical equipment for both personal and professional use. With offices both in Romania and the United Kingdom, our company has a special competitive position, providing the market with over 25.000.000 medical face masks on a monthly basis, at fair prices and with advantageous delivery terms across Europe. Our medical face masks are accredited by national authorities (National Medicines Agency, Medical Devices Directorate) based on the tests performed on our products.


Founded in 1994, Ann Reeves & Francesca has been functioning with 100% romanian working capital and activates in the manufacture of women’s textiles industry. Headquartered in Pitesti, Arges, the company has been over the years one of the best textile suppliers on the UK’s fashion market and also in other European countries. Since the year 2000, the company has become one of the most important players in the textile industry, delivering around 6,000,000 products annually towards the export market. In 2015, approximately 2500 employees were working along the vertical and horizontal lines of the business. Along the years, our company has been noted for the superior quality of the exported products, as well as for the prompt deliveries. Due to these factors, Ann Reeves & Francesca started supplying major European retailers, such as Zara, H&M, Asos, Debenhams, Wallis, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and many others.

Since 2018, following a 2.000.000 pounds investement, the company also operates a production office under the same name in London. The strategy of this expansion was meant to ensure a long term continuity for the garment factories in Romania, whilst ensuring a continuity of competitive prices and high product quality for our customers. The way we work and organize our business creates an advantage over our competitors, offering customers a significantly lower price for the same superior quality.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the management has decided to direct the production towards surgical face masks and protective equipment. Thanks to a 2.000.000 euro investment, we were able to bring in our factory 25 high-tech automatic and semi-automatic machines and train our staff at the highest professional level so that we can produce nowadays around 25.000.000 medical face masks monthly. In addition to type I, type II and type IIR surgical face masks, the factory also produces medical gowns, protective boiling suits and protective shoe covers.


Our mission

- Maintaining and developing the textile industry in Romania and Eastern Europe

- Creating new jobs and supporting Romania’s economy

- Continously improving the quality of our products, prices and delivery times